Filtration System

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Offline Filtration Units

How often have you wondered why your hydraulic equipment does not last as long as the catalogues claimed it would? Have you worried about high cost of replacement and spares? You have read that the secret to long-life in hydraulics has everything to do with clean oil and have you wondered as to how to go about it? Is replacement of oil the only answer especially with oil prices continuing to remain high? And is it environmentally friendly to keep replacing oil when reuse is the new mantra? And did you know that new oil is not always at a level of cleanliness where it can be readily used?

A complete answer to all your questions is here- HVK's Filter Clear! Brought to you by the company that has made the study of hydraulics its business. Our engineers who have spent several hours studying commonplace and complex hydraulic problems and designed solutions for them have come up with a new products - an offline filter on wheels that enables you to continuously clean your oil and make it as good as new.