Award for our Chairman

Ms Lakshmi Venkatesan of BYST receiving the award on behalf of
Mr Krishnan at Cartagena

Our Chairman, N Krishnan has been known for the work he does with various deserving causes. One of these has been his continued involvement with the Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, where he mentors deserving young entrepreneurs who set up businesses with no backing other than a passion. This is in many ways reflective of Mr Krishnan's beginning in business. In this context, we are happy that his work has been recognised. The following announcement by BYST has the details:

Youth Business International #GYES2019 in Cartagena is celebrating inspirational entrepreneurs, mentors and members who have set inspiring examples of innovation in the youth entrepreneurship sector.

We are pleased to announce that our mentor Mr. Krishnan Narayanswami was also shortlisted for Mentor Recognition Award. He has been responsible for spreading the message of BYST to various service organisations such as Rotary, Round Table & Lions in India and this has resulted in many members from these clubs to volunteer as BYST mentors. Ms. Venkatesan received the award on behalf of our dedicated mentor and we are proud of his contributions."

The award was received by Ms Lakshmi Venkatesan, founder of BYST, on behalf of our Chairman.