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Manifolds and Filter Adapters

In most cases an existing inspection port provides the ideal location for the installation of the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx-G2). Where this is not the case, Tan Delta can provide a custom made manifold or oil filter adaptor to facilitate easy installation on any equipment.

Tan Delta is committed to working with customers to save money and improve productivity. As part of this commitment this range of customised installation accessories, ensure that even the most challenging installation can be completed quickly, easily and reliably. Our customer support team will work with your maintenance team to quickly design, manufacture and deliver the accessory you need.

The adapter is fitted between the oil filter and the oil filter manifold, the adapter has a series of ports to ensure that the sensor can be easily fitted and it also facilitates the fitting of a dedicated sampling port to simplify the taking of any offline samples. The adapter is made from aluminium and can be modified to fit virtually any oil filter.

  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION – Allowing quick and simple installation on any piece of equipment whether brand new or being installed as part of a retrofit
  • OFF THE SHELF – Off the shelf manifolds to fit the vast majority of equipment for quick and easy installation.
  • INSTALLATION KITS – For many common engines we build installation kits to give your engineers everything they need for a successful implementation.
  • BESPOKE SERVICE – On the very rare occasion we face a unique challenge for fitting our sensors, we offer a full bespoke design service to cost effectively overcome any obstacles to installation.
  • OIL FILTER READY – With our innovative oil filter adapter design we can retrofit your equipment in a few minutes.

    Power and Data Cables

    To make the installation of the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx-G2) as easy and simply as possible we supply a range of cables to suit all of our products.

    Please contact Tan Delta directly to obtain further detail and ordering codes.

    • EASY INSTALLATION – Supplied in a number of ‘off the shelf’ lengths with bespoke lengths being available (subject to MOQ).

    Configuration Kits

    The Configuration Kits contain all of the necessary software and cables to enable the configuration of the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx-G2) and the Tan Delta suite of display products which can be used for any oil and application. Simple and powerful, the Configuration and Data Software will enable you to maximise the performance of all Tan Delta products.

    Simply connect your Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx-G2) directly to a PC or laptop via a Configuration Cable and you can immediately start to check the condition and temperature of your oil.

    The intuitive interface requires minimal training to ensure that any user gets the information they need, when they need it, allowing users to proactively plan key maintenance tasks and eliminate any unplanned or unnecessary downtime.

    Designed to be integrated with existing monitoring systems. The Configuration and Data Software (CADS) is easy to install, quick to deploy and can be up and running in minutes, utilising a wizard style installation to make it quick and easy to get going – a great addition to your oil monitoring toolkit.

    • FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION – Enables the simple and easy configuration of all Tan Delta products to suit any applications with any oil type.
    • OIL DATABASE – Comprehensive database of oil configuration profiles for Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx-G2) performance optimisation.
    • AUTOMATIC UPDATES – Any necessary database or configuration tool updates are done automatically via the internet.
    • WINDOWS COMPATIBLE – Fully compatible with all the supported versions of Windows from Windows 7 up to Windows 10.
    • COMODO CERTIFICATE – Install the configuration tool with total confidence on any systems within your organisation.
    • DATA ANALYSIS – Trend analysis allows you to maximise the benefits of your real-time oil monitoring data.

      OQSx-G2 Oil Profile

      Every oil type has its own properties. For optimal quality change detection sensitivity and accuracy performance of the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx), we recommend that the sensor is configured for the specific target oil type. We maintain a growing database of oil type configurations (Profiles) accessible in the Configuration and Data Software (CADS). For oils not listed we will create a specific profile upon request.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What do you need to carry out a profile?
      A 200ml sample of clean, unused oil, is required along with information about the application and knowledge of the operating temperature range for the oil/equipment.
      How is it done?
      We start by cycling your oil over the specified temperature range in order to collect data and map its characteristics. This initial data is then analysed and information programmed into our test sensors to check the calculations before adding the data to our database for you to use.
      What if I need my oil analysing?
      Send us used samples of your oil stating the % of the oil life you believed to have been used. We will then test this oil using our test sensors and analyse the data, along with lab reports. We then report back on the quality of oil and any changes required to the sensitivity of your sensors.

        OQD Mobile (OQDm)

        The OQD Mobile (OQDm) app can be downloaded onto your Android device to enable communication with our OQD Express (OQDe) unit via Bluetooth. This allows you to easily check the readings from any OQDe within a 10m radius and download the logged data to further analysis.

        • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY – Use your mobile phone to instantly connect by bluetooth to any OQDe, view and manage live data.
        • LIVE DATA – Display and record real time oil condition.
        • DATA LOG DOWNLOAD – Download logged data for analysis or forwarding to colleagues by email.
        • HEALTH & SAFETY – Allows operators to access data from active machinery at a safe distance.