Training in July at Bellary

The last week of July saw our team from HVK Hydraulics Pvt Limited conducting onsite training programmes for customers in the Hospet/Bellary region. On 23rd July, our team was at Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd (KFIL), Hospet, where a course was conducted for the Maintenance Department. Around 25 members attended, ranging from senior management to technicians. The topics covered included Basics of Hydraulics, Accumulators, Importance of Filtration, Maintenance issues and Circuit-related problem analysis.

On 25th July, our team was at JSW, Toranagal, Vijayanagar in the Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Department where 24 members attended our course. Topics Covered included Basics of Hydraulics, Hydraulic Symbols, Accumulators, Maintenance Tips and DRI related Circuit-Working explanation

In both instances, our programme was rated as excellent by the attendees. All thanks to our team for conducting the programmes creditably. We thank our principals M/S Eaton for their interest and also HVK Systems& Marketing Pvt Limited for the support received by way of presentation materials.